General Practitioners

Pelvic floor disorders have significant impact on quality of life. Both incontinence and constipation/obstructed defaecation can have long-term detrimental effects on other aspects of health, both physical and mental.

At Oxford GI we are aware that current training curricula for both GPs and general surgeons do not always provide sufficient in-depth knowledge of functional bowel disorders to allow robust treatment. Therefore these disorders can be prolonged, leading to unnecessary patient suffering and multiple GP visits.

The goal of Oxford GI is to raise awareness of these debilitating conditions.

We are more then happy to arrange educational events, either at your practice or at our locations

Please contact us to request further information. 

Referral to Oxford GI is the next logical step if treatment at your GP practice or in Community Based Bladder and Bowel Services has not led to satisfactory results.


Oxford GI is happy to accept private referrals. Our service includes pelvic floor work-up tests, conservative treatment and surgical intervention where necessary. We also refer to dietetic and physiotherapy services. 

Oxford GI is recognised by all major health insurance companies as an independent provider of healthcare. 

Please post, email or fax private referrals: 

The Manor Hospital
Beech Road
Phone: 01865 307532
Fax: 01865 307668
Email: enquiries@oxfordgi.co.uk

We are constantly looking towards innovative approaches with commissioners, GPs and patients to provide the best value-based healthcare options. 

Please contact us if you have any remarks or suggestions to improve the care for our patients.