Making an Appointment

Please feel free to contact us


Most insurance companies require you to be referred by your GP. As soon as you know that your GP will be referring you, you can make an appointment. However some insurance companies prefer to deal with us directly and will make this appointment for you.


If you are paying for yourself you may book directly without seeing your GP but this is not generally recommended. In most cases it is best to see your GP first to make sure your symptoms or condition are suitable for our service and that your relevant medical history is passed to our consultants. 

Please phone our Oxford office on 01865 307532 for all appointments. 

Alternatively you can contact us by clicking here or by sending an email to enquiries@oxfordgi.co.uk

Please enquire for current prices. Our secretaries will respond to you as soon as possible. 


Our services are not currently directly available to NHS patients. However, you may be able to ask for a referral to one of our consultants at the Churchill Hospital, Oxford. Please ask your GP.