Specialist Nurses Practioners

Meet our highly experienced and dedicated Specialist Nurse Practitioners - Karen Curran and Chris Rigozzi.

Our specialist nurses provide diagnostic testing and a comprehensive Pelvic Floor Retraining Program. They deal with all aspects of pelvic floor disorders and give advice on diet, medication and pelvic floor exercises.

Chris Rigozzi, BA


senior specialist nurse

As a Senior Specialist Nurse in pelvic floor dysfunction, Christine Rigozzi is qualified to provide a variety of diagnostic investigations. She is experienced in a wide scope of non-
surgical treatment options, including pelvic floor retraining, rectal irrigation, sacral nerve stimulation (SNS) and percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation (PTNS) and is available to
provide excellent pre- and post-operative advice.

She qualified as a State Registered Nurse in London in 1981 and went on to complete a BA
as a specialist practitioner. After many years working in the community developing a strong
interest in continence services, she not only played a leading role within the development of
the Oxfordshire and Berkshire Continence Service but also developed an evidence-based
educational programme on bladder and bowel dysfunction for nursing students at Brookes

Chris cares passionately about quality of life and has extensive experience in her field. She

"I love keeping fit and I take part in a variety of fitness activities most days. Currently I
am working with a personal trainer to achieve my lifetime goals. I am part of a team that
promotes healthy living and positive wellbeing and I believe this reflects positively at work
and at home."

Karen Curran

Senior Specialist Nurse


As a Colorectal Pelvic Floor Senior Specialist Nurse since 2010, Karen Curran has wide experience of the treatment of pelvic floor problems. She has been instrumental in the development of a Pelvic Floor Service within Oxfordshire, now recognised both nationally and internationally as a Centre of Excellence. She has a special interest in sacral nerve stimulation (SNS) and is a member of the Medtronic Nurse Advisory Board for SNS. She has taught at several local and national conferences.

She says:

“I have a particular interest in Pelvic Floor Disorders and my special interest lies in
Sacral Nerve Stimulation (SNS). I have received a Staff Recognition Award from the Trust for Innovation for my work in this speciality. In 2014 I was very fortunate to attend an SNS
International Training event in Germany with other leading clinicians worldwide. I have an on-going role in co-ordinating the SNS service within Oxfordshire. On a personal note I have faced my fears and taken part in a charitable event raising money for the Pelvic Floor
Service by abseiling from the roof of The John Radcliffe Hospital.”