Rectal Lump or Prolapse

If you feel a lump around or protruding from the anus it is best to go to your GP for assessment. It may need to be dealt with urgently, and will probably require investigation.


If you have noticed a sudden, painful lump that looks red and swollen and might be oozing pus, you might have an infection, see anal abscess or fistula . Seek attention from your GP.

Haemorrhoids can be internal or external. External haemorrhoids can look like ‘cherries’ protruding from the anus or from the anal skin. They can bleed easily and, if they form a blood clot (thrombosis), can be extremely painful.

When the lower part of the bowel becomes stretched and protrudes through the anus, a large round doughnut-shaped or sausage-like lump can be seen coming out of the anus. This condition is called rectal prolapse.

Less commonly, a lump in this area may be tumour. Ask your GP or consultant to check to exclude serious disease and to advise on a treatment plan.

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